John Ibbotson

* 17 juli 1978       27 september 2005

Ibbotson plotseling overleden

28-09-2005 14:56:38

De voormalige Britse renner John Ibbotson is dinsdagmorgen 27-09-2005 onverwacht overleden op 27 jarige leeftijd. Volgens eerdere berichten zou hij in zijn huis in Londen zijn overleden.

Geplaatst door:  OnceAlmostYourNewTeam op 19-10-2012 17:49:52
I don't know what exactly happened but... this is terrible news...
A few years a go I was helping somebody who was trying to start an international cycling team. For some reason he wanted to officially base it in the U.K. and so we searched for potential riders over there. John was one of the few we contacted. He seemed to be really looking to ride with us on the continent. For many reasons the plans for the new team totally failed. And yes I feld very sorry for people like John, who we involved in our plans and all the illusions we gave them. That's why I followed his carreer since than and hoped that he would make it without us and I was really happy for him that he could sign for Flanders and... aargh...
I hadn't heard from him for a while and now... suddenly I read this news. This really makes me feel bad. :-(
Wishing all the best to his friend and family!
Geplaatst door:  Petra op 19-10-2012 17:49:52
Hello John,

Today is 2 years you are not here. Sometimes i think of you. All the best.

Best regards,

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