It will be the province of Vicenza to host the final Pre-Worlds race, after which the coach of the italian national team will issue the list of six girls from the World Championship in Mendrisio: Fabiana Luperini and Luisa Tamanini are candidates for a spot in Mendrisio and they will be the leaders of the Selle Italia-Ghezzi also in tomorrow's race. Besides the two captains there will be also Borgato, Boyd, Bozzolo, Corneo, Grassi, Kozonchuk, Presti, Valsecchi and Zogli, a very strong team.
The course measures a total of 123 kms and the cliba of Rosina will be repeated three times: this ascent will create selection and will be decisive for the result of the race. Luisa Tamanini has already won this race in 2007, when she managed to reach the finish line alone after dropping all the rivals.

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